The biggest crossover game in history, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, is also played extensively in Blueshell. We have players on all levels of skill and host events that allow them to enjoy playing together. Since the formation of the Smash Committee and the release of Smash Bros Ultimate in 2018, it has been one of the most popular games in Blueshell.

We mostly host monthly Smash events with a free-to-join tournament during our Smash Fest or host the occasional stand-alone tournament by ourselves or together with the local tournament series: F-air Play. If you are interested in joining one of our events or tournaments, contact the SmashCie or Commissioner of Esports, ElDonte#0002, in the Blueshell Discord

The Players

Ziad "ZenoXed" Elleithy

Jander "Thoran" Gilbers

Joran "MacVanish" Hagen

Ilayda "Kebab" Hotamis


SuiSide-B 3rd place, F-airplay 17

Ziad won redemption bracket, F-airplay 17