Becoming a member

Before deciding if you want to be a member, you can of course check out the discord and/or attend an activity to see if Blueshell E-Sports is the association for you. After that you can make the final decision. A membership is valid till cancellation, with a minimum duration till the end of the university year. To become a member of Blueshell E-Sports a Union Card is not required.

UT students: UT membershipform 19-20

Non-UT students: External membershipform 19-20

If you have been a Blueshell member in the past and are leaving the UT, you can fill in the form below to pay a lower contribution.

Alumni: Alumni membershipform 19-20

You can edit the pdf with Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) or print the pdf, fill it in and take a picture. You can send your application form to the board via the following mail:


At the GMM of September 2020 the UT student & non-UT student contribution for the remainder the academic year 2019-2020 will be set at €10 (or €7,50 if you join between February & July).

The contribution for Alumni will be set at €5 for the academic year 2019-2020.

The contribution for each academic year is set at the GMM at the beginning of the academic year and thus subject to change.

Contribution can be paid in cash or transferred to the bank account of Blueshell E-Sports (NL19 INGB 00080964 62 attn of Treasurer of Blueshell). Details can be found on the membership form.