League of Legends

The game with one of the largest player bases worldwide, League of Legends is a competitive environment. Because there are so many players, also at the UT, this is where Blueshell started. After an amazing LoL tournament at the end of 2017, we are now looking towards organizing an internal competition.

Moreover, the Dutch College League hosts a national League of Legends competition for associations. We would love to have Blueshell represented here, so if you are interested, please contact the board or ask on Discord.

Our main League of Legends team, BS Primus, was formed in 2018 to compete in the Talent League of Dutch College League. They successfully promoted to Premier League mid 2019 and are going to compete in Season 5 of Premier League this winter. The current BS Primus lineup is:

Top: Tom “DR Saw” Willems of brilman

Jungle: Idwer “Meneer Krabs” de Vries

Mid: Finn “KassaFinn” Tempelaar

ADC: Ian “Mechanics” van den Berg

Support: Jan Berend “SlimyDevil” Mooijaart

Sub: Max “Captain Max” Traas

Sub: Catalin “Chipoke” Butoieru

Sub: Jasper “JappieXD” van Harten

Sub: “Joris “Adulac” Klein Nagelvoort

Coach: Thijs “Coachbuik” Lieverse

We are also open to have more teams for League of Legends and we are actually looking to build a team for the next season of Talent League. If you are interested in trialing, contact the Commissioner of Esports, ElDonte#0002, on Discord!