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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

December 14, 2018 @ 5:00 pm

ESA Blueshell proudly presents their first Super Smash Bros tournament! Sign up and smash your way to victory with your favourite characters! The tournament is held on Friday the 14th of December from 17.00 onwards. Walk-in and registration starts at 17.00 and the tournament officially starts 18.00. The tournament takes place in de Stek in the Bastille building on the University of Twente. All matches are played on SSB Ultimate released for the Nintendo Switch.
Sign up for the tournament by using the following Link/QR code:


The schedule of the tournament will look roughly like this:
17.00-18.00: Registration and warm-up matches
18.00-19.30: First rounds of the bracket
19.30-20.00: Break (also reserved for any prolongation of the first round)
20.00-21.00: Final rounds (quarter finals, semi-finals, finals)
21.00-21.30: Prize distribution
21.30-22.00: Closure

During the whole evening there are enough set-ups to play casually or practice. We heavily rely on the amount of screens and docking stations that will be brought in by the players. The more set-ups the more possibility there is to have fun with players of your own level of skill!

There will be prizes for the top 4 players. The prize is cash and the total amount will be determined by the number of participants at the tournament.

If you cannot wait to join in the battle, there is also a launch party organised in the global lounge on the 7th of December. You can freely join this casual gathering from 17.00 to 22.00. There is no registration for this event, it is simply come, hang out and have fun playing!


• 3 stock matches
• 6 minute timer (8 minutes for doubles)
• Items are set to ‘off’
• Bo3 double elimination bracket; Winners, Losers & Grand finals (Both sets) are Bo5
• Pausing should be turned off. In the event that pause is on and is pressed during a tournament match, whether or not by accident, the opponent can demand that the perpetrating player forfeit their stock.
• Players are responsible for their own controllers and controls. Always check to make sure you’re using the correct setting BEFORE a match is played. If a match is to be restarted due to controls, it must be agreed upon by both parties.
• No player may choose any stage they have won on during the set, unless agreed upon by both players.
• All infinites are legal. Keep the stalling rule in mind, which states all infinites are to be ended as soon as possible after reaching 300%.
• Stalling is banned. The definition of stalling: The act of deliberately avoiding any and all conflict so that one may make the game unplayable. Running away from an opponent to reach a better position is not stalling, while doing an infinite grab or attacks endlessly against a wall is. Any infinite chains must end as soon as possible after 300% has been reached to prevent excessive stalling.
• Any action that can prevent the game from continuing (i.e. freezing, disappearing characters, game reset, etc.) will result in a forfeit of that match for the player that initiated the action. You are responsible for knowing your own character, and must be wary about accidentally triggering one of these effects.
• No coaching request: If your opponent is being coached, you can request this not to happen and that should be honoured. Note that this applies to coaching during a set, and not in between sets.
• Final Smash meter is set off.

Set Format (In order of procedure)

1. Opponents choose their characters for the first match. A Double blind character selection may be called for the first game.
2. Opponents start the stage striking procedure
3. The first game is played, using the stage chosen during step 2
4. The winner of the previous match is allowed to ban a stage (this does not apply for doubles and best of 5 sets)
5. The loser of the previous match announces the next match’s stage from either the Starter Stage List or the Counter-pick Stage List, taking no more than 2 minutes.
6. The winner of the previous game chooses their character, taking no longer than 2 minutes
7. The loser of the previous game chooses their character, taking no longer than 2 minutes
Repeat steps 4-7 for all proceeding games.

Stage Striking

• Players remove stages 1 at a time from the neutral stages until 1 stage remains
• Striking order is decided by Rock-Paper-Scissors. Winner strikes first.
• Stage striking is only used for deciding the first stage of the set.

Resolving Ties

• Any games ending in the timer running out should always be decided by stock and then percentage. Sudden Death is not to be played under any circumstances.
• If stocks and percentages are equal or both players die simultaneously, there will be a 1 stock, 3 minutes, same characters, same stage overtime.
• When a suicide move ends the match (Bowser’s Koopa Claw, Ganondorf Side+B) the game’s verdict should always be honoured. This means that if the game goes to a sudden death, it is a tie and the 1-stock overtime will have to be played.

Stage List (Placeholder)

Starter (Neutral) Stages
• Final Destination
• Battlefield
• Fountain of Dreams
• Smashville
• Town & City
• Yoshi’s story
Counterpick Stages
• Lylat Cruise
• Pokemon Stadium
• Yoshi’s Island


December 14, 2018
5:00 pm


Blueshell E-Sports


Cafe de Stek(Bastille), University of Twente
De Hems 10
Enschede, 7522 NL
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