Discord is a program which you can download for free, allowing you to join our Discord channel. Quite similar to a mix between Skype, Teamspeak and WhatsApp, Discord allows you to post messages, share media and talk to each other while gaming. Blueshell Esports has its separate channel where you can meet up with people to play with and find information regarding the association and activities we host. To join our Discord, use the following link:


When you have joined the Discord, there is very little you have to do! Change your username to something you like, and include your first name to stimulate personal contact, we want our members to get to know each other. After that, simply go to the game channel of your choice and post a message to look for people to play with. Also keep your eye out for other messages, small tournaments are sometimes organized for our members!

We have our very own Facebook channel! In here, you can find information regarding our activities, photos of the last activity and ask questions you might have. Like us on Facebook and stay up to date with the latest news!