As our association’s name suggests, esports is an important part of Blueshell. For the people that are looking to take their game to the next level and compete against other universities, we offer them all the support needed to reach that level!

Are you looking for a more competitive experience in Blueshell? Consider joining one of the Blueshell gaming teams! Check below which games currently have teams.

Are you interested in playing your favorite video game in a competitive environment with a team of other Blueshell members, but we don’t have a team for that game yet? Do not worry! With your initiative and the help of Blueshell a lot is possible. Contact the board for more information about this, and maybe you are the first team of Blueshell to play for your favorite game.

If you’re interested in joining one or creating one, join the discord and contact the Commissioner of Esports, ElDonte#0002 on Discord!