Current board

We are the 3rd board of Blueshell Esports. Together, we focus on creating fun events for members, the Blueshell finances, our Esports team and much more. If you would like to contact us you can send a mail to or join the discord and send a message to one of the board members.

From left to right, this is who we are and our functions.

Andrei “ElDonte” Raureanu

William “Lampekap88” Schaarman

Jander “Thoran” Gilbers

Joran “MacVanish” Hagen

Allysha “Meavis” Sewradj

Commissioner of Esports

Commissioner of internal affairs


Secretary / Treasurer

Commissioner of external affairs

Previous boards

Chairman: Jasper “JappieXD” van Harten

Secretary: Kimberly “Agile Manifesto” Evertz

Treasurer: Mauk “Dawarfmaster” Muller

Commissioner of Internal affairs: Antal “TheMadJokerHD” van Dongen

Commissioner of external affairs: Maiander “Maiantie” Eigenraam

Chairman: Thijs “Grootbuik” Lieverse

Secretary: Jan-Berend “JB” Mooijaart

Treasurer: Anne “Iadri” Schrader

Commissioner of internal affairs: Stijn “Salish” Overduin

Commissioner of external affairs: Idwer “Fangedsheep” de Vries