E-sports association Blueshell is one of the fastest-growing associations at the University of Twente. In addition to the providing a social platform and a community to hundreds of gaming students, we also aim to provide our members with professional contacts and tools. Acting as the middle man between our members and local companies to help our students get their perfect internship spot or final assignment is one of the services and tasks of our association.

In her first year our association grew to more than 140 members, and to provide each of these members with a potential contact with a company close to their interest, we are currently looking for more collaborations with local companies. As our member base is getting bigger, so is the number of study backgrounds. While a large part of the members (25%) has an IT-background, all studies are currently represented.

As an association we are open for a collaboration with any kind of Twente-based company. We offer a variety of possible collaboration and sponsorship packages so that both the company and our members receive the best results. If you have any questions or see a potential collaboration, feel free to contact our commissioner of External affairs to discuss the possibilities or to plan a meeting!

Mail: external@blueshell.utwente.nl