Blueshell is currently competing in the Dutch College League for League of Legends. The Dutch college league consists of 2 leagues: The Premier League and Talent League. To promote into the Premier League, one must end first or second place in the Talent League. This season we ended second place together with TSEA Link! This Thursday the (April 18th ) a Tiebreaker will be held to see who will take the 2nd place. It will be a Bo3 format between our own BS Primus and TSEA Link Rupees. To support our Blueshell team join the stream on April 18th 20:00. If we win we make a good chance to promote into the Premier League and finally join other E-sports associations in the highest league possible in the Netherlands!!

Twitch stream: Here



If you have any interest in participating next year, or intrigued by the team aspect of League PM Jasper (JappieXD) or add your information on the Googlesheets.

googlesheets: Here