4th edition of Blueshell League of Legends coming up!

Date/Time: 1st of March, 19.00-2.00
Location: HT1100 – University of Twente
Costs: Free for members, 5,00 for non-members (inc. Drinks/Snacks)
Fellow students and gamers, it is time for another Blueshell E-sports LoL Tournament! On Friday the 1st of March, we will be kicking off the highlight-event of Blueshell in HT1100.
You can enter the tournament either with a premade of any size or by yourself, in which case you will be filled with fellow Blueshellers (and potentially new gaming buddies!). Compete in a group stage and a knock-out stage, and perhaps you will be the one walking away with an RP reward and Triumphant Ryze!
So gather your friends, practise some new off-meta strats and be prepared for a great evening. Because of the location, we have room for 80 participants, first-come first-serve, so be sure to sign-up quickly!
More information & Sign-up: https://goo.gl/forms/HDUXGHUCqBmafcah2