The countdown for the Dutch College League (DCL) has begun. It is a national League of Legends eSports competition for students from universities, colleges and MBOs, in which they battle for honor and a big prize pool. The DCL consists of two leagues: The Premier League (the main league) and the Talent League. In order to get to the Premier League, you need to advance from the Talent League. Last year Blueshell E-Sports participated with 3 teams, one of these teams reaching 3rd place in the Talent League. Unfortunately, this was not enough to advance to the next level. After looking at the potential at the past League of Legends tournaments and the players within Blueshell, we strongly believe that we can reach the Premier League with your help!

The Talent League will start on Monday, the 7th of January and will last until the end of June (depending on the amount of registrations). The matches will take place online each Monday, starting at 20:00.

In addition to our current top team “BS Kaviaar” we would like to send a few more teams to represent Blueshell. Are you interested in jumping into the arena and experiencing competitive play, and showing that Twente has talent? Then the time is now! The deadline for signing up is the 30th of December so if you are interested or already have a team then please do not hesitate to contact us before then.

For further information be sure to visit (Unfortunately only available in Dutch)

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