With summer approaching, so does the end of the first year of Blueshell E-sports. As a board, we are very content with the current state of Blueshell, having a healthy memberbase, great potential to grow and most importantly: a lot of fun for everyone interested in gaming. Moreover, where other associations may struggle to find a candidate board, we immeadiately had some members jump at the opportunity, and ended up with five enthusaistic gamers that will carry on (and create) Blueshell’s legacy:

Jasper van Harten as Chairman

Kimberly Evertsz as Secretary

Mauk Muller as Treasurer

Antal van Dongen as Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Maiander Eigenraam as Commissioner of External affairs

Don’t worry you won’t see us again till next year! While our (local) activities might not be as regular as normally, the summer holidays are an excellent opportunity to make some new friends! So hop on our Discord, ask around a bit for people to play with and jump into a game with a fellow student you didn’t know before!

We wish you all the best with finishing up your academic year!

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Nick · July 24, 2018 at 8:22 pm

How do I get an invite for the discord server?

Rocket League · September 1, 2018 at 8:22 pm

Dear Jasper, Kimberly, Mauk, Antal and Maiander,

Why there is no event on this siteweb. can we do Rocket League event? i love that so much. Congratulations with you are candidate board. i will hope see you soon.

bye bye
i become member maybe if maybe rocket league

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