If you haven’t noticed yet with the many BBQ’s being organized throughout the campus, the wonderful weather we are having or your study demanding your last breath of effort for these final few weeks, the summer holidays are approaching! What does this mean for Blueshell? Well, it means this is your chance to already get a bit of the holiday feeling and relax at a few of our activities (hint: sign-up can happen somewhere here at the site). Moreover, we hope that at the end of this month, we can announce the first candidate board for Blueshell! These will take over the reins after the summer holidays, and all of the members can expect an invite for the official Blueshell GMM (general members meeting).

But let’s not look too far forward, there is still plenty to do. We as a board are still interested in looking to improve the Discord (our main communication channel), and we are glad a few members have offered their help, seeing as the board is not exactly ‘’experienced’’ with this wonderful platform. Moreover, there are still plenty of ideas we would like to take up, so don’t be surprised when you see some brand new idea announcements on the Discord! Moreover, don’t forget Blueshell runs on its members – don’t hesistate to contact us to start organizing something, and when you think about starting up a solo game of LoL or climb the ladder in Hearthstone, ask in the channel if anyone is up for some fun! We wish you all the best in these last few weeks of the year, good luck with your studies, and take (a deserved) break of those same studies to come to our activities.

See you soon!

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