Blueshell enters the Sportkoepel!

Good news everyone! As we all know, esports is spreading like wildfire throughout the world, and its status is becoming more and more established. After being acknowledged by the government and Student Union, we are now a (special) member of the Sportkoepel, the overarching association of sports associations. Currently, this will not have a large impact on our members or association, but we do believe it symbolizes the modern view of the UT on sports, and are happy that esports is taken seriously here.

Discussion whether esports is an actual sport is quite a thing. Both sides have plenty of arguments, and both sides have a few people that might take their point a bit to the extreme. Such a debate is quite interesting, and we are always open for your opinion (whether you are a pro soccer player or a FIFA champion), so feel free to mail us or contact us on Discord!

By entering the Sportkoepel, we believe Blueshell has taken the last step towards full acknowledgement as a sports association on the UT. To live up to this status, we hope we will work together to break through in the esports world in the Netherlands. So start ‘’training’’, get to those diamond ranks, and prep for the many tournaments we will be joining!