Welcome to Blueshell E-sports! The Game-association at the University of Twente. We organize activities, make teams for tournaments, and have an online community platform where you can meet up with your fellow gamers!

About us

Blueshell was founded at the end of 2017 by 5 students from the University of Twente. Their aim is to promote e-sports under the students in Enschede.


While always open for new games, our focus currently lies with League of Legends, CS:GO, HearthStone and Overwatch.


Check here for all the events that are planned for the upcoming weeks.



Kick-In 2018

The introduction weeks are officially over so sadly that means that it is time to go back to school. It was a pleasure to meet fellow gamers both at the University’s opening fair, as well Read more…


New cooperation El Nino!

Dear Blueshellers, We are proud to announce that Blueshell has started a new professional cooperation with El Niño, a firm from Enschede specialized in digitization and automation. Different from other large firms, El Niño has Read more…